Jelqing Exercise Video

Jelqing is the most important enlargement exercise

It's an effective penis enlargement exercise practiced by thousands of us daily. It is an exercise that you can perform without any penis enlargement device and for free. It is easy to exercise your penis regularly, because you can perform penis exercises such as jelqing in your bathroom early in the morning when your family are still asleep.

Read the instructions below, then watch the video

Did you know? Our over stressful day to day lives can cause our penis size to shrink slightly.

What can you expect from jelqing? Within the first week you should notice that your penis is larger during its flaccid state. At week 5 you should start seeing some good results. Each person varies and additional exercises can help give you better results.

The jelqing exercise routines should ideally based around a daily jelq session at the start of your penis enlargement workout. The time varies depending on your level of experience.

The exercises usually start with a penis warm-up using a hot cloth to wrap round the testicles or a warm bath to increase blood flow to the penis. Only once you have completed the warm up should you perform the jelq technique.

Jelqing should only be attempted with a semi-erect penis (30-50%).

ok grip jelqing
Week 1 30 jelqs per day
Week 2 60 jelqs per day
Week 3 90 jelqs per day
Week 4 60 jelqs per day - twice per day
Week 5 90 jelqs per day - twice per day

Jelqing Instructions

Tip: Open these instructions in a new browser window so you can watch them side-by-side with the video below.

1. Apply a water based lubricant around the "O" part of your hand like the image above. Baby oil works great.
2. Make an "OK" shape with your thumb and index finger around the base of your penis and apply a slight squeeze pressure - not too much!
3. Now do the same again with the other hand and place it in front of the first one. Both hands should now be wrapped comfortably around your penis
4. Whilst keeping the "OK" shape and keeping the wrist locked in position, move the hand in front up your penis shaft. Keep the hand behind where it is for the minute
5. Stop when you get to the glads of your penis (at the base of the head - mushroom shape)
6. Hold this position for 3 seconds
7. Now release the hand underneath the glad of the penis
8. With your other hand at the base of the penis, repeat steps 4-7

Notes: Make sure that you do not ejaculate during jelqing. If you feel the urge, then take a break from the exercise for a minute or so.

Likewise, jelqing should be should not cause any pain or discomfort - keep it pleasurable.

Jelqing Video

Jelqing is a core penis exercise that all penis enlargement gurus master. Watch the video below.

Does jelqing work for everyone?

Like any successful exercise program, you need to discipline to perform the routines regularly. The best results come when you are able to jelq with other penis enlargement exercises that are set out in a proper routine.

PenisHealth has some excellent beginner, intermediate and advanced penis enlargement workout routines which are proven to work. If you are requiring a more tailored routine then they are more than willing to help plan an effective routine with achievable goals within your time limit.

But for now, check out the Kegel exercises. These exercises can help you hold off ejaculating too quickly.

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